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Best Baby Walker

Is your baby now up on their feet, standing for periods of time while holding onto objects, perhaps taking a few steps alongside the furniture? It’s an exciting time as you monitor their every little move anticipating each new development. Once they’ve made it to their feet it’s a new ballgame - so get prepared. Yep, you need that baby walker (yesterday.) Better yet, do your research in advance so once they’re ready you have just the right one awaiting their next big move.

There are a ton of baby walkers on the market. (Mind you, I am only speaking of push baby walkers, not that bulky device you sit baby inside in a sort of trapped position and they move about, that is a thing of the past and in some countries even banned because it’s rather unsafe and definitely not good for development.) The best walker for both safety and especially developmental growth of motor skills is a push walker, something baby can stand and hold onto as they walk with support. Oftentimes babies will even find sturdy objects already around the house and push them, a kitchen chair or stool for example. This is a major sign that they would benefit from a baby walker. It is super important to have a walker which will not tip onto baby. Even more so if wooden toys is your style, then they will be heavy. Naturally baby will fall while trying to master their new stepping skills, so get them something which will catch their fall, not further impact it.

Personally, I was so excited about buying a walker, I find the act of babies pushing them to be incredibly adorable, especially after they’ve gotten the hang of it and they fearlessly zip and zoom all around. Fortunately, we discovered the Luma Baby Walker, a 2-in-1 walker/wagon made in California. What’s the coolest part? It was designed by a Dad - who also happens to be an engineer. This walker is constructed so cleverly, the handles are placed just far enough away from the back making it nearly impossible for it to tip backwards onto baby. While the front is a wagon. This is incredibly useful and fun because baby can push around their toys and belongings. Pets approve of this aspect as well, as our own daughter took our docile cat for a ride around the block. The wheels can be adjusted to slower or faster speeds to grow with baby, because this walker holds baby’s interest more than just a few mere months, it grows with them throughout toddler-age. It’s also just adorable, there is a truck version as well. It’s a great item to display in a nursery with something cute inside the wagon, perhaps a small plant.

We’ve had a lovely experience with this walker, but it’s durability and safety are what is most attractive about it. After 6 months of daily use it still looks brand new, we’ll be passing this goody down for sure!

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