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Funk’s Holiday Guide

by Kathryn Funk

Halloween has passed and we have officially entered the 2021 Holiday Season! Although it still may feel a bit pre-mature as its unlikely your Christmas trees are up just yet, those of us who rely on online shopping must get a jump start. Many of our beloved wooden products serve as excellent Holiday presents, but not all are available and in stock this year. Below is a list of those which are sure to satisfy on Christmas morning.


1. Wishbone Bike
If you’re like us and you live somewhere with a sunny Christmas, then this 3 in 1 Bike is the perfect gift for your little aged 1-5. This is on the top of our list for Baby Selma. However, if you live in a winter wonderland you may opt out until the spring. Although it can be used inside if you have the space, especially for the littlest of littles who are still figuring it out. 

Kids Balance Bike 

Wishbone Bike Original 3in1


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2. Kitchen Helper/Learning Tower
Give your little a healthy boost and let them join in on the holiday baking with one of our kitchen helpers. This genius item provides a safe and sturdy view of the kitchen countertops, easier hand washing or even teeth brushing, and the ability to join the kitchen activities. Customers say it’s is completely life changing and we agree! It makes time in the kitchen much less stressful. It’s also great for serving a quick snack on the counter for those toddlers who are outgrowing the highchair. Happy kids make for a happy kitchen experience.

Toddler Step Stool Kitchen Helper

Handmade Kitchen Helper


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Toddler Learning Tower Step Stool Kitchen Helper

Toddler Learning Tower


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3. Pikler Climbing Set
Arguably the best Christmas gift, this pikler climbing set serves littles from 8 months to 8 years, so this is an excellent option for a household with children of different ages as they can all play together on this. Pikler sets gives the smallest of children the ability to safely explore their body and develop vital skills of movement and climbing. We’ve witnessed this first hand with our own daughter. As they grow, the set becomes a fun jungle gym to burn out energy on.  Pikler Set of Arch Slide Triangle Large Size

 Foldable Pikler triangle + Arch + Slide - Large


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4. Wobble Board 
This beautiful wobble board is great for littles and their parents! Perfecting balance in children is an excellent skill to develop and this board does just that. Moreover, its fun and mom and dad aren’t too big for it with a weight limit of up to 450lbs. Kids can play for hours on this with endless imagination and movement. The best part is that they really won’t outgrow it; hence why it is one of our favorite Christmas gifts because it will bring fun to the whole family on Christmas morning.Wooden Balance Board Wobble Board Natural Color Rainbow Color

Rainbow Wobble Board


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5. Jupiduu Slide 
Slide into the new year on this all wooden slide. Having this item in your home really gives some light to those long winter days. Pull it right into a commonly used area like the living room so your little one can play about. The height is perfect for smaller kids, but still wont disappoint toddlers. They’re sure to spend countless hours sliding down, climbing back up, and pushing their toys down. A Godsend for days spent mostly in the house. It comes in a variety of colors too and is built so beautifully that it pleasantly compliments the aesthetics of your home. Jupiduu Slide Kids Indoor Activity

Jupiduu Slide


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6. MIDMINI Wooden Play Kitchen 
If you’re considering a pretend play kitchen as a gift this season then this MIDMINI one is truly the best you’ll find. It’s a gorgeous item, available in 7 different colors. Its price tag is high, and I wrote a previous blog discussing whether play kitchens are “necessary.” Although, let’s admit that most Christmas gifts are not necessities but pure fun. This one is sure to please either gender all while keeping Mom’s decor stylish.

Midmini Play Kitchens Pretend Play Kids

 Handcrafted Wooden Play Kitchen


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7. Fauna Table + Chairs 
These precious forest animal inspired table and chairs comes in 5 different color variations and 4 different animal types: deer, bear, bunny and cat. Can be mixed and matched! This will be a great kids table for the holidays and much more. Use it daily for lunch and snacks for growing toddlers, and as a coloring/study table. 

Wooden Table and Chairs for Kids with Bunny and Bear and Deer Shaped Chairs 

While there are many more lovely items to serve as perfect holiday gifts for a variety of ages, these are some of our favorites which we are certain will sprinkle some love and cheer for the whole family on Christmas morning.