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Gender Neutral Empowers

The idea of “gender norms” and separation, division or preventions by gender is thankfully slowly dissolving in the world. It has been a slow progression indeed and is unfortunately some societies are far behind, but progression is noteworthy. By not gendering things like toys, we empower both our sons and daughters to discover their capabilities, interests and instincts wholly and truly.

Here are a few reasons (certainly not all) why we sell gender neutral toys and furnishings.

More use out of toys:

By buying products which aren’t gender assigned colors (pink/blue), but are instead simple neutral colors, you will get more play out of these items in your household. Sons and daughters will play with toys freely and without hesitancy or a need to consider if such toy is appropriate for their gender. Even parents will lose societally programed thoughts that their child is playing with a toy meant for the opposite gender. In fact, our quality wooden toys will be more thoughtlessly passed down through generations.

Girls can love motion; boys can love caretaking:

Plan Toys Bread Loaf Set

Toy cars are not only for boys and dollhouses are not only for girls. We have carefully selected brands which create gender friendly items that typically are gendered. For example, our Grand Prix Racing Car made by Ooh Noo comes in a variety of colors including neutral browns, white, gold and pink! We can personally attest that it is the best toy car out there as its speedy fast and smooth. 

While our dollhouses and dolls are very gender neutral in appearance. The houses are all raw wood, and the dolls are adorable organic cotton dolls waiting for any boy or girl to pick them up and play.

This was extremely important to us as parents to encourage children to play across arbitrary societal lines of what each gender should play with. In fact, it’s important for the development of all children that they have a variety of toys expressing different functions such as, the physics of motion and caretaking. 

More Aesthetically Pleasing

Not only do gender neutral-colored toys likely attribute to more well-rounded children who eventually become adults, they also just look better in your home! I don’t know about you, but I don’t want my home to look like someone vomited pepto bismol everywhere because I have a daughter. Instead, I want my children’s toys to pleasantly complement our home. Natural colors do just that! That isn’t to say children shouldn’t be given splashes of color though. Quite the opposite, those splashes of bright colored toys will flatter the natural or white colored woods beautifully.

Charlie Crane Baby Play Gym

This is a large topic to be explored more in depth, but for now we just wanted to give new parents something to contemplate. There is a sales psychology behind marketing gendered toys which we must confront. It isn’t necessary to buy your son and daughter the same item but in a different gendered color or pattern, in fact this can/does create unhealthy societal expectations at large and often suppresses children from their desired natural play as individuals.
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