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More Than Just a Bed

by Kathryn Funk

A space your child can dream and be imaginative

Your child has surpassed their time in the crib, or your bed if you’re co-sleeping, and is ready for a sleeping space of their own. Whether it is for naps, all-night stays or some variety in between, the type of bed you choose matters. At this stage likely all Mama’s begin their diligent research exploring the different bed options available. As have we at Funk’s!

Toddler Floor House Bed

It was important to us both personally, for our own daughter, and as a business supplying our customers with the best products on the market to find a bed which is safe, long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing. This is the general criteria for all of our products, but often we find those special items which surpass said criteria — the house bed certainly does. Below provides you with a select few reasons we are extra excited about this item.


No worries about the child falling out of bed! Our house beds sit floor level, so falling out of bed isn’t an issue which was a huge factor for us. We do recommend a soft rug alongside the bed of course for extra comfort. Having the peace of mind you won’t hear a dreaded loud thump in the night puts parents minds at ease.

We Love Giving Children Independence 

A floor bed doesn’t trap your little ones in any form. Although some options have side rails, there is still a “house doorway” for your child to easily get in and out of the bed. This allows for your child to get out of bed on their own accord in a safe and healthy manner.

A Magical Space 

This isn’t only a space for your child to sleep, it is an additional place for them to play, imagine and feel comfort. My personal favorite feature of the house bed is how it allows children to be imaginative —typical beds don’t provide that. Many people string lights around the posts or pom-poms, be creative in your decor!

Outlasts Toddler Beds

Toddler beds are transitional furniture which isn’t needed for long. It is a phase in between the crib and the traditional bed. Skip that altogether and go with a house bed. Kids will enjoy their house bed from toddler age through earlier childhood without needing to change. We offer our house beds from crib through queen sizes, so you should consider how long you want your child to use their house bed when determining which size to go with.

Toddler House Bed Wooden Floor Bed

With or Without Slats?

Because the bed is floor level, slats aren’t necessary. Some people may opt to add slats to slightly boost the mattress off the floor, but it isn’t a must. Going without slats gives you better pricing options. We personally opted for a bed without slats and will invest in a comfy mattress topper for added padding. However, if you do choose to go without slats it is a best practice that you tip the mattress up to breathe every so often. We recommend doing this each time you change the sheets.


To Be Continued… 

To share some insight on our own personal journey, we have been co-sleeping since baby Selma outgrew her Moses basket at 4 months. While it is lovely, I always have to be around and as our life obligations change, I now need the freedom to not worry about baby while she sleeps. We are waiting for our house bed to arrive. Transitioning from co-sleeping to her own bed will be a work in progress, no doubt, but I do think we will have success with this specific bed. We opted for the open-house bed. I will be sure to write more on this topic as we gain first-hand experience!