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Multifunctional Kids’ Space

Wooden childrens' furniture is adorable, but let’s face it, if it isn’t practical and multipurpose-serving then it’s not really worth it. Eventually they will grow out of it and at hefty prices you need to be able to justify the cost. Well made pieces which can be used in a variety of ways — daily — plus provide aesthetic pleasure are well-worth it. Let’s explore some items which can be used to create multifunctional spaces for kids, specifically learning and playing spots. 

Desks — The Studio Duc Indie Art Desk is a Funk’s favorite! It’s beautifully crafted, durable and sure to provide your child a spot of their own for studying. Desks can also act as a sort of vanity in your child’s room by adding a small mirror on the wall behind.

Indi Art Desk Studio Duc

Table and play stools — classic and always used in a multitude of ways. Table and chairs/stools can be used as a learning space for studying, drawing and reading, as well as for an eating space. Often toddlers opt for a spot at a table their size rather than the high chair if you aren’t joining them for the meal. Add pretend play with tea-time and stuffed friends to the mix on occasion. This item can typically fit in a corner somewhere or a spot in the room without taking up much space. Available it a variety of colors, you’re sure to find that which you can match to your home. 

Juno Play Table and Stools from Studio duc

Shelves — absolutely necessary. Books accumulate fast and you need somewhere to store them where they are accessible to your child, yet still organized. Display your kids favorite stories on a shelf their size but still keep it around for years. Add a few toys in between the books here and there and voilaa — you’re decor is instagram ready. Once they’ve outgrown their kids books you can still find use for one of our neutral colored shelves in a corner or under a window.

Functional furniture works in any size home and provides kids with a place to themselves.

Especially in the days of virtual learning, these items have become more essential. Create a neat home classroom for your child. You don’t need an entire room, but simply a corner curated with just the right pieces.

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