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Why Wood ?

by Kathryn Funk

The rationales behind choosing wooden toys over plastics are endless, a topic to be explored through a series of articles rather than only one. However, here are a few overview points on why, if you haven’t already, you should ditch plastics and add wooden toys to you cart now!

The environmental impact

Wood is sustainable and biodegradable. The environmental impact is something we all must think about when making purchases. For far too long, we as consumers have frivolously spent without much or any thought for the environment. Sure, we might recycle and try to remember to take reusable bags with us to the grocery store, but over the last few decades environment had little to no focus when it came to our buying habits. Thankfully, we are beginning to step back and be more conscientious buyers for the sake of our beloved planet. Toys — what we give to our children for play, is a major way to proactively fight the good fight on behalf of mother Earth! Not only do wooden toys not typically end up in landfills but buying wood instead of plastics sets an example for our children. As your child grows and plays with wooden toys, you can explain how their belongings are eco-friendly. Thus, instilling the importance of considering the environment from a very early age. Your children will feel they are playing a role in caring for the planet which will encouraging to them to care.


Soft plastic toys contain phthalates and hard plastics contain bisphenols. Even those marked “BPA free” contain substitute chemicals which are similarly as toxic. Children in their younger years put toys in their mouths, plus exposure to sun and temperature change can release toxins more rapidly into the atmosphere of your home. Traces of the aforementioned toxins are linked to adverse health effects such as early puberty, low sperm count, hyperactivity, obesity, diabetes and more. So why do we take these risks, even at the smallest levels? We don’t have to! Solid wooden toys are significantly safer alternatives for children to play with. Opt for raw untreated woods when you can (Milton and Goose), but when you need a touch of color find brands which use non-toxic water-based paints (PlanToys).

Durability / Longevity

Wouldn’t you love to see your children playing with your favorite childhood toy? Wooden toys can last for generations, whereas plastic toys eventually break, fade and get yucky with forever grime and residue. When it comes to larger toys and furniture, solid wood items can be restored years later. General wear and tear such as scratches and small dents can be sanded off of your beloved family dollhouse or crib and used for decades through multiple children. For example Milton and Goose makes a gorgeous kitchen (in America) and although you may initially stumble backwards when you read the price tag, if you consider that it can be passed down to your children’s children you’ll realize it’s worth opposed to a plastic kitchen which might not even make it to child number two.

Less is More

Children do not need to be overwhelmed by so many toy options! They don’t need new toys constantly. Rather, they need to have the space to focus on a small selection of toys. Having less toys around allows children to concentrate better on the object at hand. The select few wooden toys you purchase every now and then will hold your child’s attention span in a healthier manner than having a room overflowing with toys. Moreover, children will care for their toys more when they have less of them. Rotating your toys is an excellent way to keep interest. Instead of purchasing new continuously, simply set some toys aside and keep others out, then switch them once a month.

Aesthetically pleasing

Wooden toys with their natural tones and even those with some pops of color flow better with the overall look of your home. It isn’t necessary to sacrifice your homes beautiful pre-baby decor for the sake of toys. Instead you can incorporate toys which compliment your spaces and still provide proper play. Decor changes, through the times and between people, wood is flattering to all styles whether your home is a classic country cottage or a modern city flat.

Information provides parents with a platform to choose what is best for their children. Each of the examples mentioned deserve to be delve into at greater scope. Do your research when it comes to your children, your wallet and what is inside your home!

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