Our Story

Funk's Wooden Wonders is a young family owned business established with a passion to discover unique wooden items throughout the world and bring them to your kids! The initial vision began upon the birth of our youngest daughter, Selma, who landed us into a new world of joy and wonders.  Our innate and natural instincts as parents gave us the aspiration to provide her with non-toxic, beautiful heirloom quality toys and furnishings. Items which would stimulate her young mind and body while also providing her with the utmost comfort, style and well-being. As a geologist Daddy and a Mama from a remote mountain town, the environmental impact weighs heavily on us. We steer clear of high waste products, believing the most natural things are the best things! With this concept, the inspiration to turn Funk's Wooden Wonders into a lifestyle became our mission. We work with likeminded brands across the U.S. and Europe to drive our mission and vision. Always ensuring ethically sourced products. We support boutique brand names and family owned businesses to bring you and your little ones what you deserve… high-quality, aesthetically appeasing kids and baby toys. We are delighted to bring you and your little ones what you deserve... a world of natural wonders!