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Baby's First Pillow (18-24 mos)

Baby's First Pillow (18-24 mos)

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Choose Fabric:
Adjustable Loft Feature
  • *10 x 16 (see below)
  • Hypoallergenic
  • No Flame Retardants or Anti-Wrinkle Additives
  • Machine Washable
  • Optional Adjustable Loft Feature
  • Pillowcases sold separately
  • Handmade in Virginia since 2007

    When it's time to lay your munchkin down for bed, Baby's First Pillow offers just the light lift they need for peaceful little slumbers. This pillow's extra low-loft design means it's just the right size for their wee bodies and necks - and extra nasty chemicals need not apply. Early on, babes may not use the pillow the whole night - and that's totally okay! It's their way of little by little finding out how to get their best snooze.

    TIP: If you are getting a pillow for your baby who is close to the upper end of our age recommendation, you may want to consider going straight into our Toddler Pillow and removing some of the fill to make the pillow lower.

    *HOW BED PILLOWS ARE MEASURED: Bed pillow dimensions are listed "on the flat", meaning before they are filled.  Once fill is added (turning a 2D shape into 3D) the sides effectively "pull in" as they accommodate that extra dimension.  Lightly stuffed will pull sides in less than a pillow super stuffed.  Because of this variation, the on-the-flat dimension is the way the measurements are standardized across the industry.  Although the loft (i.e. fill amount) of our pillows can be increased or decreased with our Adjustable Loft Feature, please keep this 2D-to-3D "shrinking" in mind when ordering in case you want to go up a size.  When in doubt, use our age guidlelines for the best fit. 

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