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Sweet HOME from wood

Pikler Climbing Arch with Ramp

Pikler Climbing Arch with Ramp

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Pikler Climbing Arch with Ramp

The Pikler Climbing Arch gives your babies a safe space to be bold, proud, test their strengths and discover ways their body can move. Your little climber will grow into this beautifully made Wooden Arch. The smooth and perfectly sized spindles are perfect for babies to get a firm grip and to climb safely both up and back down. With the ramp, your little one will discover various ways of climbing and an extra layer of fun.

Uses and facts

  • The Pikler arch will assist your child to stand confidently and stay well balanced.
  • Comes with a soft-surface ramp for your child to crawl/climb upwards, slide, balance on their feet, etc. 
  • Playground for home made by Sweet Home from Wood - This arch is the perfect sports equipment and toy for children.
  • Universally applicable - It can b set on any side for unlimited interactive use and limitless possibilities - whether as a climbing tower, slide, rocking chair, tunneling cave or baby play gym.
  • Can be used indoors or out.
  • Safe material - It is made from high-quality birch plywood. Assembling the item should take approximately 10-15 minutes and all necessary tools are included.
  • We Recommend the Pikler Arch to be used on a soft yet sturdy surface (rug - grass - carpets).
  • The Pikler Arch will assist your child's physical skills in every stage of development from 8 months and up to 6 years.
  • Weight Limit: 100-lbs. per child or 160-lbs. total when when multiple children are climbing.

Tips & Recommendations:

  • The Pikler arch is designed to be used with supervision yet minimal adult intervention.
  • We recommend leaving the Pikler Arch on a spot where your child spends most of their time playing. It sits beautifully on its own and will attract your child towards it when your child is ready to explore it.
  • If your child tumbles in their early stages with the Arch, encourage them to continue! This Pikler Arch is designed to ensure your little ones are confident on their feet.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    James Hickey
    Great product!

    Our daughter loves this. She is still only 7 months but is learning to stand up and climb on it already. She really loves to chew on things as well and the non toxic wood make me feel alright with her slobbering all over the arch!

    Edwin Carrington
    Endless fun

    It's the ideal home playground for our baby Diana. To be honest, I am actually surprised at how well the ramp serves as a slide. Every day we see our little girl getting stronger and more agile as she climbs up and down, occasionally crawling under. We've also quickly come to realise that the arch can be used as a rocker when turned around and covered by a blanket or pillow. Not to mention how aesthetically pleasing this piece is in our minimalist living room. Overall VERY happy with our purchase.

    Delilah Sisler
    Best Purchase!!

    Beautiful, unique toy
    My kids (ages 7, 5, 3 & 11 months) received this pickler arch & ramp set for Christmas. It’s sleek design is surprisingly beautiful & I do not mind that it’s sitting in the middle of my living room floor! From crawling under the arch to using it was a ramp for cars, I am enjoying watching all of my kids get creative and utilize it in different ways without a million small parts and loud animated sounds. It is rare to find an item that all 4 kids can enjoy. The customer service at Funk’s is second to none with prompt answering of questions before my order & also about assembly. In addition, shipping was fast even when a lot of my other holiday deliveries were delayed. Highly recommend! Can’t wait to add more heirloom quality pieces from Funk’s to our collection!

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